Told you: everyone clicks the “About” page!

We’re Mish and Rob from Mortified Cow, and we’re on a mission to make websites magnificent.

To be honest, we’re only doing it to save our marriage.

Trouble is, looking at bad websites puts us in such a foul mood we start sniping at each other. One too many dodgy designs or laboured passages of jargon, and before you know it the dinner’s in the dog and sex is off the menu for the rest of the week.

So we’re sorting out the web, one site at a time - it’s our own form of relationship counselling.

Yes yes, but who ARE we?

We run our brand consulting and copywriting business, Mortified Cow, while we travel the world.

(We’re originally from London, and that’s why all the SPaG on this site is in British English. We can do American English too though - just check this out: color; optimize; pumpkin pie.)

We blog about running a business from the road at Making It Anywhere.

Want to ask us anything?

Just and we’ll get right back to you.