We bet your
“About” page sucks

When you originally put your website together, how much thought did you put into the About Page? Without looking, can you even remember what it says on there?

We’re willing to guess you quickly threw something together and then forgot all about it. After all, it’s the products or services - the meaty part of the site - that makes the difference, right?

Well, erm, no.

On every site we’ve ever worked on, the About Page is one of the top 3 most frequently visited pages.

Check your analytics now – we bet you’ll find the same thing. And what do those visitors see when they get there?

If you’re like most companies, they’ll probably see you waffling about how many years you’ve been in business, some arcane industry award you once won, and some guff about a “passion for customer service”.

If that’s the case, you’re missing a major trick.

Customers use the About Page to decide who to trust

Say you’re a realtor. There are probably 10 others in your town, and your customer has all of your websites open in different browser tabs. Flicking between them, they see the same thing over and over again: the same promises, the same qualifications, the same price, the same stock photos of men in suits shaking hands.

They’re desperate to make a decision, but they have no information to help them choose between the different options. So they visit the About Page in an attempt to find something to help them decide who to trust.

This is where all your competitors probably fall down: they’ll just see more of the same bragging and vague statements.

But if your About Page tells the right story in the right way, it will stop them in their tracks – and they’ll pick up the phone already trusting you and knowing what you stand for.

This isn’t just some hunch of ours

  • When we do a before-and-after comparison, the numbers show that visitors who’ve seen a compelling About Page will hang around longer, view more pages and convert at a higher rate.

  • One study found that high-quality About Pages can DOUBLE the likelihood that visitors will make a purchase and DOUBLE visitors’ average spend. Not bad for a quick rewrite!

  • Our clients tell us time and time again that once we’ve written a page for them, customers will spontaneously bring it up as soon as they get in touch.

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Here’s an About Page that sucks

Johnson & Co LLP is a leading UK law firm which provides high-quality legal advice tailored to both businesses and individuals. We address the specific objectives of each client through our flair and technical expertise, and offer a personal service founded on a strong team ethic.

Our commitment to excellence is backed by a track record which dates back 300 years. We pay great attention to matching your requirements with the right skills, delivered cost-effectively and within the appropriate timescale.

Why should anyone care?

How is this different from any other law firm in the known universe?


What if it read like this instead?

I never expected to be a lawyer– believe me. I was perfectly happy in a profession where people didn’t automatically hate me quite so much.

But then I needed to hire one. And that didn't go very well (I got tetchy, contracts were ripped, feet were stomped...). So I decided to re-train and become a lawyer myself.

I’d spent years in financial services hearing other people’s tales of woe about various lawyers, but my own exasperating escapade convinced me I could do better.

So Johnson & Co was born. First it was just me and my wife (she was the “Co”), and now we’re a six-strong team.

I know that “fairness” and “honesty” don’t often appear in the same sentence as “law firm”, but it’s our mission to change the profession by example. At Johnson & Co, we all believe that if you treat clients fairly and do things properly, they won’t mind the lack of solid oak desks or branded pens.

And who knows – if we succeed we might even be a bit less lonely at dinner parties and the school gates.


Why does the “new” style work so much better? Because customers don’t have an in-depth understanding of your industry, or the inclination to compare your offers against your competitors’ point-by-point.

They just want to know what you stand for, feel like you understand their needs, and get a sense that you’re the kind of people that they would want to deal with. Sure, they want to know what your business does and why it can benefit them, but there’s no reason why that can’t be done with personality and warmth.

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den, you’ll know that investors make their decisions based on the person - not the numbers. Normal buyers are no different.

We can rewrite your About Page, make it awesome, and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Every business has a story. You might be too close to your business to see what it is (you probably take for granted what other people would consider amazing), but telling that story is what we love to do.

  • We interview you over Skype to find out everything we need to know about what makes your business unique and fantastic. It normally takes half an hour(ish), but we might need longer.

  • We write a new About Page that you’ll just know will work: it’ll be full of (your) personality, informative, personal, and the undullest page you’ve ever read.

  • You replace your boring old text with ours, and watch your numbers soar!

So what does it cost?

$900 (plus 1 hour of your time - max)

That’s a pretty good deal when you consider the impact on your business - both in terms of how it’s perceived and how many sales you’ll make.

Wanna go for it? Step right in...

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